Sign Up Genius for 2018 Spring Concessions

2018 DHS Spring Baseball Concessions Schedule

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It's time for Spring baseball at DHS and once again we need everyone's help with the concession stand.

We are requesting each family sign up for 2 volunteer slots (except families of designated Announcers and Game Changer trackers do not need to volunteer and families of Seniors will only need to work 1 volunteer slot).  For most Spring games, we will only need 2 people working (cashier and expediter).  Designated games will also have a cook volunteer slot listed.

Please sign up for your volunteer slots by Friday, Feb. 10th.  After that date, you will be randomly assigned to a slot.

If you are unable to volunteer for your slot, you may arrange for and pay an approved teen worker to work for you.  Please contact Carol Gaultney ( for a list of approved teen workers.

Important notes:

1. If for any reason you need to change your shift, you are responsible for finding a substitute.  Please use the 'swap' feature on sign-up genius.  Do not delete your name without finding a substitute.

2. Specific directions for each concession stand duty will be posted on our website ( and will also be available in the concession stand.

3. Concession duties start 30 min before game time and end when the game is over and everything is cleaned and locked up.

4. If a game is rescheduled (due to rain, etc.), the volunteers will move with the game to the new date and time.

If you have any questions about concessions, please contact Carol Gaultney ( or Sarah O'Grady (

Thank you again for your participation!

Concession Account Rules

DHS Baseball Concession Account Rules

  • Every game starts with a new sheet
    • Fill in the Date
    • If the player adds money to their account it should be recorded in the column
    • If the player makes a purchase write the amount of the items in the field “charges”
      • If the player pays cash for their purchase and does not use their account, you don’t need to log anything
    • At the end of the night, tally their new balances (See Calculator on clipboard) and transfer the balances to a new sheet into the “current balance column”
    • Keep the old sheets stored inside the clipboard
    • The sheets will be collected once a week, calculations will be double checked and electronically entered into the new spreadsheet
    • Every Sunday players will receive an updated spreadsheet that will provide their new balance via email
  • Only players with a positive balance may charge items to their account.  If no money is available in the account, the player must pay cash for any purchases.
  • Leave all completed forms in the clipboard for the team account volunteer to collect
  • Please write neatly!

Thank you!