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2019 Middle School Rosters

Thank you to everyone for trying out.  For those that did not make a roster spot, you have the ability to join the Dunwoody Senior Baseball Middle School team and will be guaranteed a roster spot.  Please reach out to Vince Carozza @ DSB for more information (


*****There will be a mandatory Player/Parent meeting on Wednesday (2/6) @ 6:30 in the Library at Dunwoody High School.  At least one parent must attend.  Dues will be collected.

Red (8th)

Blue (8th/7th)

White (7th)

Anselmi, Nick (8)

Davies, Ben (8)

Boettcher, Blake (7)

Branum, Zachary (8)

Harris, Ben (8)

Burnstein, Alex (7)

Chambers, Nate (8)

Jacome, Nick (8)

Butler, Harrison (7)

Harbin, Mac (8)

Maggiore, Nick (8)

Chaves, Alex (7)

Helton, Will (8)

Murphy, Joseph (8)

Conn, Justin (7)

Kuriger, Cooper (8)

Nogin, Joseph (8)

Davis, James (7)

Lawson, Jake (8)

Piper, Jake (8)

Farris, William (7)

LeDoyen, Porter (8)

Poinsette, Ryan (8)

Fortenberry, Joe (7)

Madden, Quinn (8)

Sciullo, Nico (8)

Ho, Dustin (7)

Mattison, Michael (8)

Smith, Jake (8)

Lowenstein, Michael (7)

Potts, Davidson (8)

Anchors, Owen (7)

MacDonald, Alex (7)

Sandrock, Nolan (8)

Glick, Sam (7)

Ryan, Phillip (7)

Sinisgalli, Rocco (8)

Gumbrill, Payne (7)

Sims, Davis (7)

Steele, Zack (8)

Neel, Reid (7)

Sleep, Tyler (7)

Weeks, Mason (8)

Painter, Owen (7)

Wilcox, Jackson (7)

Volunteer for Concessions (Required for each DHS Baseball family)

Here's the link to sign up:


It's time for Spring baseball at DHS and once again we need everyone's help with the concession stand.

We are requesting each family sign up for 2 volunteer slots (families of Seniors will only need to work 1 volunteer slot).  

Please sign up for your volunteer slots by Wednesday, Feb. 6th.  After that date, you will be randomly assigned to a slot.

If you are unable to volunteer for your slot, you may arrange for and pay an approved teen worker to work for you.  Please contact Carol Gaultney ( or Shelley Levy ( for a list of approved teen workers.  Preapproved teens can only be used for Cashier spots.  

Important notes:

1. If for any reason you need to change your shift, you are responsible for finding a substitute.  Please use the 'swap' feature on sign-up genius.  Do not delete your name without finding a substitute.

2. Specific directions for each concession stand duty will be posted on our website ( and will also be available in the concession stand.

3. Concession duties start 30 min before game time and end when the game is over and everything is cleaned and locked up.

4. If a game is rescheduled (due to rain, etc.), the volunteers will move with the game to the new date and time.

If you have any questions about concessions, please contact Carol Gaultney ( or Shelley Levy (

Thank you again for your participation!  Go Wildcats!

Practice Schedule

  • 9th and JV will practice on non game day weekdays from 3:30 -  6:00 PM
  • Varsity will practice on non game day weekdays from 4:00 -  6:30 PM
  • All teams will practice on Saturdays from 11 AM - 1 PM
  • Once the season starts these days/times may change and everyone will be notified via Team Snap

Kickoff Meeting 1/24/19

Please read this entire message carefully including all of the linked documents.

All players selected for a team should bring the following with you to Thursday's Kickoff meeting:

2019 Mandatory Baseball Season Kick off Meeting:

  • Thursday, 1/24 @ 7 PM in the Media Center
  • Click here for the meeting agenda
  • Arrive at 7 to register and pay dues/register in the hallway just outside the Media Center.  Go to your grade level table.  Meeting will begin at 7:30 sharp but you must have provided your updated contact information, completed forms and paid dues to attend the meeting.
  • Click here for a dues explanation sheet and other important information
  • Each player will be given 25 wildcat cards to sell
    • Click here to see a black and white sample of the 2019 Wildcat Card plus the coupons that accompany it!
  • Each player must pay dues of $950 at the meeting
  • Checks should be payable to Dunwoody Diamond Club or DDC or via Venmo to @DunwoodyDC ($500 can be recouped from sale of WC cards)
  • Each player will be photographed for the website and media guide (We will have jerseys and caps for these head-shots)
  • We will also discuss topics such as Volunteer requirements, concessions, Board Member openings, schedules, practices, Team Snap, spirit wear and more
  • Click here to see all volunteer openings and come ready to sign up!

This is a MANDATORY meeting for each player and at least one parent/guardian.

Spirit Wear Store:
Thanks to Lisa May for all of her work to design and set up our spirit wear store!  See note below from Lisa about how to order your spirit wear:

Player Pack, Spirit Wear and Equipment information: 

- All players will receive a player pack, which is paid for out of player dues. Player packs include five items: 2 short sleeve t-shirts, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a pair of shorts. You do not to need to order player pack items - they will be ordered for you using the sizing you provided at the kickoff meeting on 1/10/19. Baseball hats will also be provided as part of the player pack. Jerseys will be provided but must be returned. 
- DHS provides helmets to share. If players want their own helmets, they will need to order them from the online store.
- DHS also does not provide pants, belts, cleats, turfs, sliding shorts, gloves, batting gloves, bats, stirrups, etc. Some of these items can be ordered through the online store, some must be purchased elsewhere.
- Spirit wear for family and friends can also be ordered through the online store

The online store is open and can be accessed via this link: The store is scheduled to be open until next Wednesday 1/30/19.

Peachtree Middle School Tryout Details

PCMS baseball tryouts will take place on the new PCMS west baseball field on Wednesday, January 23 and Thursday, January 24 from 4:30 - 8 pm.  Players will need full gear as well as tennis shoes.  No Metal Cleats allowed!  Only seventh and eighth-grade students are eligible to play.  

Students that are interested in playing for PCMS should register their interest on the sign-up sheet posted on the PCMS gymnasium door as soon as possible.

2019 Team Rosters


  1. Anders, Walt
  2. Beiger, Matt
  3. Brown, Jahzir
  4. Burnstine, Ian
  5. Caiaccio, Jack
  6. Carter, Joe
  7. Eith, Tyler
  8. Forth, Will
  9. Gaultney, Dustin
  10. Gavlak, Alex
  11. Gies, Henry
  12. Hardin, Robby
  13. Harrison, Thomas
  14. Haynes, Connor
  15. Jones, Ryan
  16. Julian, David
  17. Lavin, Will
  18. LeDoyen, Davis
  19. Levy, Charles
  20. Lips, Howie
  21. McCloskey, Joseph
  22. O’Grady, Sean
  23. Troxel, Hudson
  24. Warshaw, Jaxon
  25. Weatherly, Charlie



  1. Bakke, Parker
  2. Bakke, Wilson
  3. Bennett, Jake
  4. Byrd, Bradley
  5. Cucchi, Robby
  6. Day, Matthew
  7. Frederick, Adam
  8. Giles, Will
  9. Gine, Nick
  10. Hernandez, Gabriel
  11. Kaminsky, Jake
  12. Kuriger, Grey
  13. LaVerde, Johnathan
  14. Matulich, Carter
  15. May, Jason
  16. Pettitt, Nathan
  17. Rosen, Reese



  1. Cole, Sam
  2. Copeland, Deacon
  3. Couch, Colin
  4. Frost, Blake
  5. Giles, Will
  6. Gumbrill, Trevor
  7. Heavern, Zachary
  8. Helton, Benjamin
  9. Hogan, Luke
  10. Keohane, Daniel
  11. Rindsberg, Nathan
  12. Romanoff, Oliver
  13. Soderberg, Shane
  14. Soto, Eberto
  15. Stephens, Taylor
  16. Wichman, Cal


All high school players have their cards and have begun selling.   If you don't have a baseball connection please send an email to and we will assign a player to sell you a card.  

Following is a sample version of the new card.  

Important Information Regarding Tryouts and January Meetings

Coach English just learned that the state is allowing us to start baseball a week earlier this year. So we will have our first day of tryouts on Monday January 14th.  The pre-tryout meeting will now be this upcoming Thursday (1/10).

The field will be in "ok" shape after a week of sun but Coach English is currently trying to obtain permission to use the Dunwoody Senior fields. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

New Schedule:

  • Pre-tryout meeting T
    • Thursday, January 10th at 7 PM in the DHS Cafeteria.  We will check for physicals and go over tryout information.  All prospective players and at least one parent are encouraged to attend.
  • Tryouts beginning 1/14
    • Freshmen will report daily from 3:30 - 5:30ish
    • 10,11,12 Grades will report daily from 4:30 - 6:30ish

The goal is to have teams decided by 1/17, weather permitting.  We will practice or continue tryouts on Friday, Saturday and Monday (Martin Luther King Day). 

Please note:

  1. Players need to have a current physical uploaded onto Privit or a paper copy on file with Coach English or they will not be allowed to tryout.
  2. Tryouts will last from Monday until Thursday. We will make cuts each day.
  3. Players need to be in full baseball gear everyday
  4. The tryout process will be similar to a regular practice and each player will be evaluated by all coaches. We will make decisions based on ability, ability to be coached, attitude, and effort just to name a few. 

Currently the team kickoff meeting is scheduled for January 28th.  (7 PM  in the Media Center) but we will likely move the meeting to an earlier date and will let everyone know as soon as possible.

Any questions?  Please contact Coach English directly at

Henry Gies's Walkoff Picture Perfect Ending In Dunwoody Wildcats Varsity's Victory Over Allatoona


Varsity Schedule - 2018-2019
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Fri, Feb 0805:30 PMNorth Cobb ScrimmageNorth Cobb High School
Thu, Feb 1407:00 PMNorth ForsythNorth Forsyth High School
Sat, Feb 1601:30 PM Sprayberry (postponed due to weather)North Cobb High School
Tue, Feb 1905:55 PMSouth Forsyth (postponed due to weather)South Forsyth
Fri, Feb 2206:00 PMTroup (postponed due to weather)Allatoona High School
Sat, Feb 2302:30 PMWinder Barrow (postponed due to weather)Allatoona High School
Sat, Feb 2307:30 PMAllatoona (postponed due to weather)Allatoona High School
Sat, Feb 2308:00 PMSprayberryDunwoody Senior Baseball
Thu, Feb 2805:55 PMChambleeDunwoody High School
Fri, Mar 0105:55 PMArabia Mountain Dunwoody High School
Mon, Mar 0405:55 PMAlpharettaAlpharetta High School
Wed, Mar 0605:55 PMNorth AtlantaDunwoody High School
Fri, Mar 0805:55 PMNorthviewDunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 1305:55 PMCentennialDunwoody High School
Fri, Mar 1505:55 PMPopePope High School
Sat, Mar 1601:00 PMNorth Cobb (make up from 2/16)North Cobb High School
Mon, Mar 1800:55 AMChattahoocheeDunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 2005:55 PM Cambridge Cambridge High School
Fri, Mar 2205:55 PM Johns Creek Johns Creek High School
Sat, Mar 2311:00 AMArabia MountainArabia Mountain High School
Mon, Mar 2505:55 PMAlpharettaDunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 2705:55 PM North Atlanta North Atlanta High School
Thu, Mar 2805:55 PM NorthviewNorthview High School
Fri, Apr 0504:30 PM SequoyahEast Cobb Baseball Complex
Sat, Apr 0611:30 AMPinecrestEast Cobb Baseball Complex
Wed, Apr 1005:55 PMCentennialCentennial High School
Sat, Apr 1301:00 PMPopeDunwoody High School
Mon, Apr 1505:55 PMChattahoocheeChattahoochee High School
Wed, Apr 1705:55 PMCambridgeDunwoody High School
Fri, Apr 1905:55 PMJohns Creek (Senior Night)Dunwoody High School
JV Schedule - 2018-2019
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Tue, Feb 1905:55 PMArabia Mountain (Postponed due to weather)Dunwoody High School
Wed, Feb 2005:30 PM Decatur (canceled due to weather) Decatur High School
Sat, Feb 2308:00 AMCambridgeDunwoody Senior Baseball
Tue, Feb 2605:00 PM Arabia Mountain Arabia Mountain High School
Wed, Feb 2705:55 PMLakesideDunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 0205:30 PMStephensonStephenson High School
Tue, Mar 0505:55 PMStephensonDunwoody High School
Thu, Mar 0705:55 PMDecaturDunwoody High School
Thu, Mar 1405:55 PMWesleyanDunwoody High School
Fri, Mar 1505:55 PMPopeDunwoody High School
Mon, Mar 1805:55 PM ChattahoocheeChattahoochee High School
Wed, Mar 2005:55 PMCambridgeDunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 23TBAJV Tournament First RoundTBD
Mon, Mar 2505:30 PM LakesideLakeside High School
Sat, Apr 13TBAJV Tournament 2nd RoundTBD
Mon, Apr 15TBAChattahoocheeDunwoody High School
9G Schedule - 2018-2019
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Thu, Feb 1405:00 PM North ForsythNorth Forsyth High School
Wed, Feb 2005:55 PMMiltonDunwoody High School
Sat, Feb 2308:00 AMCambridge Dunwoody Senior Baseball
Sat, Feb 2302:30 PMJohns Creek Double Header Game 1Dunwoody High School
Sat, Feb 2312:00 PMJohns Creek Double Header Game 2Dunwoody High School
Mon, Feb 2505:55 PMDecaturDunwoody High School
Tue, Feb 2605:55 PMNorth ForsythDunwoody High School
Fri, Mar 0105:30 PM DecaturDecatur High School
Sat, Mar 0211:00 AMDruid Hills Double Header Game 1Dunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 0201:00 PMDruid Hills Double Header Game 2Dunwoody High School
Thu, Mar 0705:55 PM CambridgeCambridge High School
Tue, Mar 1205:55 PMAlpharettaDunwoody High School
Thu, Mar 1405:30 PM LovettThe Lovett School
Sat, Mar 1611:00 AMPace Double Header Game 1Dunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 1601:30 PMPace Double Header Game 2Dunwoody High School
Tue, Mar 1905:55 PM AlpharettaAlpharetta High School
Thu, Mar 2105:30 PM Kings RidgeKings Ridge Christian School
Sat, Mar 2312:00 PMKings RidgeDunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 2705:55 PMLovettDunwoody High School