Dunwoody Baseball

**Upcoming tryout information**

AGAIN for THIS YEAR – 6th graders are eligible for B/C teams

Below is a link to the league rules. Please note the bat rules, base path and mound length, and pitching rest requirements. Please wait to purchase a bat until teams are announced, as the different teams have different bat rules.



Saturday, 1/7/2023 12-2pm both fields
Sunday, 1/8/2023 12-2 pm  both fields
Monday, 1/9/23 7-9 pm both fields
Tuesday, 1/10/23 7-9 pm  both fields
Where- Dunwoody Senior Baseball Fields, 4635 Barclay Drive

Before Tryouts:

    • Complete current physical and waiver and upload all forms to Dragonflymax.com.

During Tryouts:

  • Wear full baseball gear everyday-including turf or tennis shoes and a protective cup.
  • Catchers bring catching gear.
  • Tryouts will be run by Coach Alan Pitt and the middle school coaching staff.  
  • The tryout process will be similar to a practice.  Players will be evaluated by all coaches.
**Decisions will be based on ability, ability to be coached, attitude, and effort.


Alan Pitt, Head Middle School Coach, Alangpitt@yahoo.com
Craig Gregozeski, Middle School Coordinator, gbzeski@hotmail.com
Chan English, DHS Head Coach, William_English@dekalbschoolsga.or