Name Grade Email 
Eliza Berrong 11
Chloe Calloway 11
Alana Kramer 11
Kayla Pham 11
Sara Natalie Mahabadi 11
Catalina Martinez 11
Ansley Gavlak 10
Livi Matulich 10
Erin Beiger 9
Anna Eith 9
Freddi Nathanson 9
Camden Potts 9
Davidson Potts 9
Emma Rothberg 9

Concession Instructions

Concession Volunteer Instructions Click Here


Griller Volunteer Instructions Click Here

DHS Baseball Concession Account Rules

  • Every game starts with a new sheet.
    • Fill in the Date.
    • If the player adds money to their account it should be recorded in the column.
    • If the player makes a purchase write the amount of the items in the field.
      • If the player pays cash, you don’t need to log anything.
    • At the end of the night, tally the new balances. (See Calculator on clipboard) and transfer the balances to a new sheet into the “current balance column”.
    • Keep the old sheet stored inside the clipboard.
    • The sheets will be collected once a week, calculations will be double checked and electronically entered into the new spreadsheet.
    • Every Sunday players will receive an updated spreadsheet that will provide their new balance via email.
  • Only players with a positive balance may charge items to their account.  If no money is available in the account, the player must pay cash for any purchases.
  • Leave all completed forms in the clipboard for the team account volunteer to collect.
  • Please write neatly!